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WWE.The great american bash...Sunday 23rd
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World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. King Booker
Batista's Open Challenge
Undertaker vs. The Great Khali (Punjabi Prison Match)
Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship
WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. The Pitbulls.......................

World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. King Booker
 At the Great American Bash, Rey Mysterio will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against King Booker…and less than 2 hours after earning the opportunity, the challenger sent a message to the champion.
 On the July 7 SmackDown, King Booker last eliminated William Regal and Matt Hardy to win a Battle Royal, a victory that gave him the right to face Mysterio on July 23. Later that night, the challenger was waiting backstage as Mysterio was helped to the back following an attack by Mark Henry.
 As soon as Mysterio stepped through the curtain, Booker pounced and sent the World Champion reeling. After slamming him into tables, equipment trunks and anything else he could find, Booker let Sharmell get the last blow. The Queen kicked Mysterio in the groin, and the royal couple slinked away as officials tended to the fallen Champion.
 Of course, one has to wonder if Booker’s royal Court will be lurking at ringside waiting to help him become the World Champion. Can Mysterio overcome everything and keep his dream alive on July 23, or will the King walk out of Indianapolis with some new bling around his waist?



 Late in 2005, Mark Henry was brought back to SmackDown to take out Batista. He accomplished that mission in the short term, but The World’s Strongest Man didn’t quite finish the job. After six months on the shelf, The Animal is back and was slated to be looking for revenge against Mark Henry at The Great American Bash.
 But all of that changed when Henry fractured his patella at Saturday Night's Main Event. While it is unknown how long Henry will be out of action, it is confirmed that he will not be able to compete at The Great American Bash. So, without an opponent, the Animal Batista issued an open challenge at The Bash press conference.
 Batista siad that he still has a ton of pent up rage from being out of action from so long, and he's intent on taking it out on someone. But who will be brave enough to answer the challenge? Will anyone step up to the plate and try to take down the Animal?



At The Great American Bash, Undertaker may be up against the toughest challenge of his career when he faces The Great Khali in a Punjabi Prison Match.

Of course, no one other than Khali (and maybe Daivari) even knows what a Punjabi Prison Match actually is. That in itself gives Khali a huge advantage, but that is only multiplied by the psychological advantage Khali has had since destroying Undertaker at Judgment Day.

For weeks, Khali has been mocking Undertaker by using his signature taunts, even going so far as to put Gunner Scott in a body bag on SmackDown. Finally, after weeks of disappearance, Undertaker “returned” on July 7.

Following Khali’s match with Tatanka, the monster intended to put the Native American Warrior in a casket. However, when the tomb was opened, smoke billowed out and the lights in the arena dimmed. With his voice filling the arena, the Deadman accepted Khali’s Punjabi Prison challenge and told the monster that he would rest in peace.

At Judgment Day, The Great Khali shocked everyone when he defeated Undertaker. Can he make it two in a row on July 23, or will the Deadman send Khali to his own Punjabi Prison?

For weeks, Bobby Lashley has incessantly fought off King Booker and his royal Court. But to keep his United States Championship, Lashley will have to defeat two members of the Court, William Regal & Finlay, in a Triple Threat Match on July 23.

The match was announced on the July 7 SmackDown, and it will be every man for himself. In fact, Finlay reminded William Regal of this backstage…but of course, one would have to think that they will work together to take out the common enemy. And on top of that, Little Bastard is sure to be lurking around at ringside to make Lashley’s predicament that much worse.

While he has defeated almost everyone that has gotten in his path, Lashley seems to be in jeopardy on July 23. Can he overcome the odds and defeat both Regal & Finlay, or will one of King Booker’s loyal subjects walk out of Indianapolis with the gold?


The WWE Tag Team Championship will be at stake at the Great American Bash, as the champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick encounter the pugnacious team of Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, the Pitbulls.
 The high-flying, risk-taking duo of Kendrick and London prevailed against three-time WWE Tag Team Champions MNM at Judgment Day this past May. Since their big win, London and Kendrick have successfully defended their championships against all challengers, most notably the Mexicools.
 Recently making their SmackDown debut, the challengers in this contest, the Pitbulls, have had their eyes deadlocked on the tag championships since day one. Noble and Kash have been relentless in their quest for recognition and have viciously clawed their way to the top of the SmackDown tag team division.
 Just one week before the Bash, the Pitbulls sent a resounding message to the tag champions when Paul London met Jamie Noble one-on-one on SmackDown. With their respective tag team partners present at ringside, Noble scored a controversial victory over London in what could possibly be a preview of their tag match at the Great American Bash. 
 Which team will emerge from the Conseco Fieldhouse as WWE Tag Team Champions? Tune in on July 23 to find out


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