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best receiver for feedhunting??


Hi everyone! I'm new to feedhunting and would like to hear your proffessional thoughts about the best receiver for feedhunting today? I want to build a morised system. also it should be capable of playing 4-2-2 feeds because I would like to feedhunt only using my TV not going through PC. Is blind scan the same as automatic scan?
As far as I understand for motorised system I need diseqc 1,2 then I need blind scan then I need DVB-S2 and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2(do I understand correctly that MPEG-2 is 4-2-2??) do I get all this right to be able to see most of the feeds today? I would like mainly to search and see sporting feeds especially tennis.
does any of my text make sense? also I have noticed going trhough forums that feedhunters do not use dreambox too much why is that? because if I understand correctly then dreambox DM 800 HD PVR has all these features??

please someone help me with a receiver choice
thanks in advance


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